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Among Us Airship Map APK
Among Us Airship Map APK

As for today i have a very famous multiplayer online game. The game is Among us apk for Android and IOS device. This is the latest airship version of the game named as Among Us Apk Airship or Among us airship apk. Among us is a simple looking game which got really popular at Pandemic 2020 year. Everyone played the game with their friends and thus among us android got popular.

If you’re an among us fan like me then you should have this updated apk. This new among us latest version apk is so much different as compared to Among Us apk download old version. Players can find many new improvements, changes and even new features. Along with a brand new map known as airship. This airship map is totally based upon the official henry stickmin game map of airship.

About Among Us APK Airship

Among us is a dynamic online Multiplayer video game. Which of course supports cross platform gameplay. So that you can play the game with your friends from any platform. The game is officially developed by nnerSloth LLC and PlayEveryWare. Whereas the publisher of the game are only InnerSloth LLC. The game Among Us APK OBB is a deduction based game. Where you use your detective skills to make a deduction upon who is imposter.

Among Us APK iOS revolves around 2 roles in the game. Which are named as the imposter and the crewmate. As an imposter your goal is to finish off everyone as soon as possible without being found out. As the crewmate you have to do your various tasks in game while also finding who is imposter. After crewmates found out who is imposter, they can eject them out of the ship. Crewmates will win if there is no imposter. Whereas imposter will win if there is no crewmate.

This new version have the all new map named as Airship. Which is the resemblance of the original game henry the stickmin made by same developer. There are other new features as well specially the UI and the HUD have changed drastically. There are ladders added into the game with an all new animation associated with it. New tasks have also been added to every single map included in Among Us APK 2021. The game Among Us Airship Mod APK is really the best game to play with friends.

Features of Among Us Airship APK

  • All new features and new animations are created and have been added into the Among us apk latest version game.
  • Brand new map exclusive to the game named ad Airship which is directed from the game henry the stickmin video game.
  • Among us mod apk or Among us unlocked apk have all the various purchase premium items unlocked with no cost at all.
  • There are various pets, hats, outfits, clothes and other things available in game which makes your character looking better.
  • All new tasks are available in game including the new tasks which are already there as in the new map airship Among Us APK free skins.
  • Among Us download can now play with having a total of 15 players in it, before the maximum limit of players was only 10.
  • This simple looking game is very stable and can be run easily on many Android or IOS devices without any problem whatsoever.
  • In the game Among Us mod you have to use your deduction skills in order to find out who the imposter is by observing them carefully.
  • Can use the chat option or the emergency button during the game to talk to people onto say who do you think the imposter is.

New Airship Map

Friends if you’re an among us fan like me then you must’ve gotten bored from old maps well. That’s why the new version is back with tons of new features along with this new map. This map is very huge and is placed on a airship running on the atmosphere. There you’re handled with aircraft based tasks such as deploying the garbage, locating the destination and more. The all brand new feature “Ladders” is also added to the game through airship map. There you use the ladders to climb up to the upper platform of airship.

Gameplay & Graphics of Among us Apk

The gameplay is really smooth having a refrest rate of 60 FPS with very simple graphics. The simple graphics of the game Among Us APK for PC makes it more entertaining. As the simplicity of the game looks really funny and entertaining. As for the details of the game, you have your pets as well. Which you can have from the shop of the game. They will follow you around, featuring a very tiny graphic setting for them which looks fun.

How to Download Among Us Apk Airship for Android and IOS

  • Click on the download button to Download among us Mobile for Android and IOS.
  • Have the game by progressing through the website and following the steps which the site says.
  • Wait for the among us apk + obb to get download in your phone normally for you to experience the game.
  • After that before installing the game you have to turn on the option of “allow the unknown resources” from settings.
  • Then just normally install the game among us apk into your android or IOS devices without any issue.
  • When you’re done installing, kindly open the game and log in to your account to start playing.
  • The benefits of logging into the game is that you won’t have to play as guest and can also change your name.
  • Now you can play among us airship apk download without any kind of problem and play the all nee airship map.
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